We offer equipment and supplies to an array of different facilities and clients. 


SDM METRO can help make your hospital facilities compliant with all power, emergency, and standby power system requirements. This includes identification of essential electrical system components and connectivity.

High Rises

Large buildings need large electrical distribution systems. Keeping track of the whole system can be a challenging task. SDM Metro can help you manage your building’s power distribution with an electrical survey and a new customized electrical riser. 

Data Centers

Uninterrupted power supply is absolutely necessary in any digital environment. Loss of power, even for a fraction of a second, can lead to disastrous results. We can design, install, and maintain an appropriate uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for your facility.


Conducting bio-medical tests and collecting scientific data requires a constant environment. All outside factors must be eliminated. One of the most important factors is power– it must be constant. SDM Metro can help keep your critical devices powered continuously. 

Radiology Labs

Radiology machines require a large supply of power to operate. This equipment needs clean power in order to perform efficiently and accurately. SDM Metro can supply you with the power conditioners and UPS systems that your facility needs. 

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings have many tenants relying on constant reliable power. It is also important to have the proper back-up power supply system in place in case of an emergency. We can help you facilitate and coordinate your emergency power systems to keep everyone safe.


Schools often have many of the same power needs as commercial buildings. They require a large electrical distribution of both normal and emergency power. SDM Metro can supply and commission new electrical devices and equipment when renovating or expanding your school.

Industrial Plants

Time lost due to power outages or protective device failures can lead to big hits in your bottom line. Let us help you coordinate your facility‚Äôs electrical distribution, flagging any irregularities or coordination failures. 


Stadiums and Arenas

Transit Hubs

Bridges and Tunnels

Municipal Buildings

Power Plants

Water Treatment Facilities

Financial Data Centers